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cig外貿網站建設案例責任編輯 :李飛    文章來源 :星翼創想(www.changlai1.cn)    發布時間 :2016-04-18


響應式網站建設技術在最近一兩年猛然興起,一個網站能自動適應各種pc及移動設備,這個技術的出現,為網站建設行業帶來了新的機遇。以前開發一個網站,先是要做一個PC版本的,然后再單獨做一個wap版本的,如果還要做微信推廣,那還得單獨做一個在微信平臺上使用的網站。這樣一整套下來,既費事又浪費人力和金錢。 于是,現在多數的企業會選擇做成響應式的網站,在制作的過程中,雙方只需溝通一遍,就能構建出適用于各個設備的網站。而且對網站后期的更新維護也是十分的簡單,各個設備都能同步更新。


Shenzhen Cigsure Technology Co., Ltd. is not only a professional company, but also a leading factory with European Sales management to produce High Quality Electronic cigarette, e-liquid products.

1.Innovation & OEM

  We have an experienced R&D team working on new products, developing at least one new product every 3 months. Before launching any new model, we conduct lots of strict tests to minimize any possible quality defects to ensure high quality. Our engineers are always keeping improving the products by learning from the demands and complaints of the customers.We also offer OEM service,  we can print your logo on the product, and offer the whole package with your design. Welcome to make OEM orders !

2.Quality Control

  We have a complete and specified inspecting management system and conduct strict inspection through the entire process from materials incoming to pre-shipping delivery. Every product line has at least 5 inspection station. We perform skills training for the workers regularly. We control our product quality through strict inspection system and skill training.

3. After service

  We offer six-month quality guaranty for electronic cigarettes and two-year guaranty for e-liquid. We will solve your problems at the first time and send the replacement products with next order for free if quality problem occurs. We will be very glad to take every after-sale feedback from you!


深圳市星翼創想網絡科技有限公司為你提供專業的深圳網站建設 、 微網站定制、 微商城定制、 辦公系統定制開發、 企業郵局和400電話等互聯網服務,詳情請咨詢0755-82685986!